Singleton Pattern

We’re going to create a SingleObject class. SingleObject class have its constructor as private and have a static instance of itself.

SingleObject class provides a static method to get its static instance to outside world.SingletonPatternDemo, our demo class will use SingleObject class to get a SingleObjectobject.

Singleton Pattern UML Diagram

Step 1

Create a Singleton Class.

public class SingleObject {

   //create an object of SingleObject
   private static SingleObject instance = new SingleObject();

   //make the constructor private so that this class cannot be
   private SingleObject(){}

   //Get the only object available
   public static SingleObject getInstance(){
      return instance;

   public void showMessage(){
      System.out.println("Hello World!");

Step 2

Get the only object from the singleton class.

public class SingletonPatternDemo {
   public static void main(String[] args) {

      //illegal construct
      //Compile Time Error: The constructor SingleObject() is not visible
      //SingleObject object = new SingleObject();

      //Get the only object available
      SingleObject object = SingleObject.getInstance();

      //show the message

Step 3

Verify the output.

Hello World!