Popular automation

  • Regression testing

    QABoK verifies that the system functions as required and no new errors have been introduced into a new version as a result of code modifications

  • Functional testing

    QABoK verifies that the system conforms to the specified functional requirements. Our goal is to ensure that user requirements have been met

  • Acceptance testing

    QABoK verifies the system is ready to be released to end users

  • Integration testing

    QABoK verifies functional, performance, and reliability requirements placed on major design items

  • Stress testing

    QABoK determines breaking points or safe usage limits, confirms intended specifications are being met, determines modes of failure (how exactly a system fails), tests stable operation of a part or system outside standard usage

Exoctic automation

  • Alpha testing

    QABoK provides final testing before the software is released to the general public

  • Negative testing

    QABoK checks situations involving user error and/or system failure

  • Localization testing

    QABoK finds bugs in the adaptation of the software by users from different countries

  • Benchmark testing

    QABoK measures specific performance results in terms of response times under a workload

  • Compatibility testing

    QABoK tests that one product works well with another product

Our Main Departments


Correct work of mobile application is extremely important. If the application crashes, if any of the functions doesn’t work properly user will leave and most likely will never return again. Usually the apps are tested manually and in most of the cases testers focus on new functions. This sometimes causes troubles with the previously programmed features. We do understand business needs of our clients, we use powerful monitoring instruments and create automated tests for all the mobile app’s functions. This helps the developers test all the important functions and make sure, that everything works properly.


If you have ever tested applications manually, you are aware of the drawbacks of manual testing. Manual testing is time-consuming and tedious, and requires a heavy investment in human resources. If you have the API or the web-service that you provide to users or other applications it is important to maintain its quality, because even changing the method’s signature can affect customer loyalty.
We are pleased to offer you our services for API test automation, because we know how important it is for you.


Many, perhaps most, software applications today are written as web-based applications to be run in an Internet browser. The effectiveness of testing these applications varies widely among companies and organizations. In an era of highly interactive and responsive software processes where many organizations are using some form of Agile methodology, test automation is frequently becoming a requirement for software projects.
We are pleased to offer you our services for Webtest automation, because we know how important it is for you.

Competitive Advantages in 3 steps

Planning Testing Strategy

  • QABoK uses the most actual instruments and methods of statistical analysis for planning the tests, creating test coverage model and counting the risks.
  • QABoK collaborates with the leading testing theory experts, we together develop the unique methodology, which can not only minimize risks of the critical errors, but prevent occurrence of bugs and errors in future.
  • QABoK always makes accurate estimations of all the tasks.

Developing Testing Scripts

  • QABoK doesn’t muddle your time, we have already developed all the basic frameworks for different types of tasks.
  • QABoK doesn’t ask you for extra efforts – we provide the framework on a turn-key basis. You simply launch the tests, watch them work and get reports on your email.
  • QABoK doesn’t thrust strange technologies – we develop all the frameworks and tests with the most common programming languages – Java and C#, all the web and mobile frameworks are based on the most common automation framework – Selenium, Robotium, etc…


Your software / website / API are developing and growing, changing and all this results in writing new tests and changing the existing ones. We give you all the framework’s code with detailed documentation regarding their structure and test cases that gives you the opportunity to support all the automation work by yourself. But most of our clients choose our support because:

  • QABoK offer sthe highest level of immediacy of all the support work.
  • QABoK provides you all the necessary information about changes and new possibilities, so our work is absolutely clear for you
  • QABoK does all the support by ourselves, so we are 100% responsible for the quality